• The Podlipje Estate begins where the road ends ...
  • Here you will truly be able to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and perhaps make up for lost time.
  • Socialising with friends or a holiday with your loved ones completely apart from the bustle of life.
  • Spend your evenings alongside a crackling fire in the outside hearth.
Imagine wakening up in a soft bed in a bedroom full of the fragrant smell of wood, stepping out onto the balcony and listening to the morning concert of chirping birds, rustling trees and murmuring waterfall from the nearby stream, watching the morning sun's rays shining through the trees and starting the day in this way, as a holiday, surrounded by only the forest, fresh air, authentic nature, wild ducks on the pond and playful squirrels in the hazel bushes.
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Treat yourself to some pampering

Pamper yourself and perform the activities you love for which, in today's pace of life, not always enough time is available.

Culinary specialties

We will prepare a banquet comprising an offer of roasted game dishes, venison goulash, Prekmurje bograč and a wide range of cured game meat products for you.

Your stay will be full of experiences

Wonderful evenings alongside a crackling fire will take you back to the time of our ancestors while magical sunsets and evening sounds alongside the water will round off the day, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.